Sunday, November 30, 2008


Sometimes it's so easy to get overwhelmed with fear and concern for the future. But this weekend I have just been overwhelmed with love and gratitude. I am so grateful for good friends, quality time with family (I love Taboo!), pies that turn out beautifully, people who are kind when other pies don't turn out beautifully (I forgot to take the pecan pie out of the oven...I blame the hormones), technology that allows us to stay connected no matter how far we roam, Christmas decorations, traveling mercies, birthday gifts, pedicures, and the best husband in the world.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to do all the things we love with family. You have not laughed until you have played Taboo! with my sister Whitney. We put up our Christmas tree and decorated it with blue trimmings in celebration of our baby boy! We got to see family and friends who were in town for the holidays...people we rarely get to see and often miss. I even got to chat with my cousin in New Mexico for a bit yesterday and am hoping to finish catching up with her today. She is expecting a little cousin for Benjamin just about 2 weeks before our due date! Yesterday we had a wonderful breakfast with friends (I don't just casually throw out the was wonderful!), and we took Benjamin to his first football game. He moved around sufficiently to show us that he's already a fan. We're not sure if his enthusiasm was for football in general, his daddy's alma mater in particular, or left over from the amazing breakfast. I guess we'll know for sure in a few years. This was also one of my more fun birthdays for receiving gifts...I love things for the baby! From breast pumps to board books and characters for the nursery (they're so cute!) to maternity clothes for me (seriously, it's a true friend who understands this particluar need--thanks Trish) to games and books that have nothing to do with was a good birthday and I really felt loved. I was extremely impressed by the people who lead much busier lives than I can imagine and who have many stresses on them, yet still managed to send birthday cards!!!! I rarely accomplish this myself, and I'm amazed at you ladies for being so diligent. Thank you so much! And my mom gave me the little white New Testament from when I was a baby. (ya'll would be proud...I didn't cry at first).

There are so many many things to be thankful for and I'm truly overwhelmed when I try to soak it all in. And in another twelve weeks or so, I'm sure I will be absolutely speechless when I see the little one that is so much a part of me and so much a part of my sweetie.

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