Monday, November 10, 2008


So even though the baby is most decidedly in the front, my backside seems to be growing as well. Therefore, I needed to buy some larger unmentionables this weekend (the monthly free VS panty coupon is no longer cutting it!). So I went to Walmart, thinking I could easily pick up a package of cotton maternity sounded easy enough. But after wandering the clothing section for a while with no signs of anything maternity, I found an employee in the dressing room area and decided to ask for help.
"Can you tell me where the maternity underwear are, please?" I said in an appropriately lowered voice.
"WHAT?" she asked.
"Ahem...Can you please tell me where to find maternity underwear?" I asked again in a normal speaking voice.
"WHAT?" she asked again, more loudly. I began to think she might be hard of hearing.
"Where are the maternity underwear?" I asked with a slightly raised voice.
"Honey, I can't hardly hear you. What do you want?" She said.
"MATERNITY UNDERWEAR!" I said in an embarrassingly raised voice.
"MATERNITY!!!!" I shouted, all my remaining delicacy quietly dying.
"BRAS OR PANTIES??" she shouted.
And I thought of the scene in Little Women where Jo comes upon the pregnant Meg in the garden and asks why her sister didn't write about her condition. "One hardly speaks of such things," says the ladylike Meg. Any Meg-ish-ness I might once have treasured was buried for good when I shouted,
She didn't know where they were. She could not help me. I went home with a wedgie. Yes, a wedgie. I am no longer a lady. Now I'm a mom!


Travis and Erin Bodeker said...

Oh my goodness--that is hilarious! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall watching.

Andrea Casey said...

I'm sorry to laugh at your expense, but thanks for the good laugh! Oh, how embarrassing!

Ah, the bigger preggo behind. :| Let's just say this is NOT my favorite part of pregnancy. But...I guess it does help keep you balanced. ;)

(Have you tried motherhood maternity? not sure if they're still in Abilene, but they do carry such things.)

**The Allisons!** said...

You SO should have asked me first, Kristi. The ONLY places that sell maternity underwear are actual maternity or baby stores. And FYI - maternity underwear are TERRIBLE. Imagine granny-panties raised to the power of frump, and there you've got maternity panties.

Go to Target. They have "boxer briefs" for women that are INCREDIBLY comfortable, give you lots of growing room, and are cute to boot. They aren't even HALF the cost of maternity underwear either. You'll still need "bigger" underwear for several months after the baby's born too, so you'll want something that's at least semi-cute. :)

And - even though my babies were in the front, my butt definitely grew too. *sigh* It's just something that happens, I guess! Extra cushion for your labor, I suppose.

Congrats and God bless. :) (And go to Target.)