Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well, in honor of Halloween I did something scary and something silly. I got the flu shot... scary... only because my doctor absolutely insisted. I have always been wary of superfluous vaccines and have known too many people who claim that the flu shot made them sick. But I faced my fear and so far there have been no side effects other than a slight soreness in my left arm (which is also the arm I have to sleep on for the baby's sake...ouch!). Then I dressed as Nymphodora Tonks for a friend's costume party and the church Harvest Festival...silly...I am usually way too self conscious to dress up for Halloween. But it was just too much fun to create a maternity witch robe with a graduation robe and a belt. And, yes, my Harry Potter loving friends, I did wear a pink wig (actually a blond wig that Jon sprayed pink) and Jon did dress as Remis Lupin. I guess Benjamin was dressed as little Teddy Lupin but only because he was the baby inside Tonks! At my friend's party everyone knew exactly who we were. At the church festival, no one had a clue.

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