Saturday, December 6, 2008

You know you're tired when....

You throw a pile of clean laundry on the bed, then shove it over and sleep beside it for two hours.

You pick up your cell phone and call your husband (who is in the next room) to order sesame chicken and fried rice. You are extremely confused when he answers instead of the Chinese restaurant.

You fall asleep at the doctor's office while waiting for the doctor to come in and when he does come in, it startles you awake.

You lay in bed for a ridiculously long time, trying to decide if you have to go to the bathroom badly enough to make it worth getting up. You finally realize that it is, in fact, an emergency and you better get up NOW!!!

You lay in bed until exactly twenty minutes before you have to be at work, thinking that you can still be on time if you put on makeup and eat breakfast at your desk.

Your husband hands you a glass of grape juice in bed. He tells you to be careful with it and you say, "Oh, it's not sharp."

You leave your Christmas tree lights on constantly for four days and nights because you just don't have the energy to bend down and turn them off.

This is the fatigue of pregnancy. This is what no one ever told me about. This is worth every sleepy, stupid minute, because it means he is growing. Because no matter how tired I am, he can wake me up smiling with a gentle kick.


Travis and Erin Bodeker said...

So funny! After reading this post I had a memory from ALPS. Remember when our teacher (oh my goodness I can't rememeber her name) took a sleeping pill instead of her vitamin? Good times.

Andrea Casey said...

Too funny!

**The Allisons!** said...

Aww Kristi, you're hilarious! I love that you tried to order chinese food from your husband in the next room. Yes, the fatigue of pregnancy is just something else, isn't it?? That last trimester can be a bear. I used to sleep on the floor in Kyleigh's room in the mornings with the door closed. That way I knew she was trapped in a safe, child-proofed room so I could sleep while she played. Only a few more weeks to go until you get to meet little Benjamin!