Sunday, January 24, 2010

My song

This is a song I wrote this afternoon after Benjamin plastered my face with kisses, leaving slobbery graham cracker crumbs on my cheeks and chin. I know that sounds gross, but I loved it! Seriously, best part of my day.

Anyway, you sing it to the tune of "Butterfly Kisses." Enjoy.

Two things we know for sure
He was sent here from Heaven
And he’s our little joy
As we high five each other when he’s down for the night
We cheer in silence cause it’s only nine
And we thank God for all of the joy in our life
Oh but most of all for

Graham cracker kisses after morning snack
Wiping crumby fingers all over my back
Slap you on the face Mommy; isn’t that a high five?
I didn’t eat your dinner Daddy
But I sure tried
Oh with all that we’ve done wrong
We must have done something right
To deserve a hug every morning
And graham cracker kisses at night

He skinned his knee today
Learning how to walk, a little more everyday
I picked him up to nurse him
And make the boo boo stop
Later on I found a cheerio
Stuck to my bra
And I’ll remember…

Cheerio kisses on our cheeks
Sticky shoulders and worn out feet
Hold me all day long, Mommy, and I won’t cry
Rock me till you’re dizzy, Daddy
And sing all night
Oh, with all that we’ve done wrong
We must have done something right
To deserve his hugs every morning
And Cheerio kisses at night

He wrecked the house today
I’m finding more and more toys I’m willing to give away
Standing in the living room staring at the mess
I reach down and brush all the crumbs from my chest
And as I begin to put the toys away

I can't help but pray

Thanks for the graham cracker kisses
And the many cheerios
The drool on my sweater
And the joy that he throws
Into everything he does and every time he gives
Graham cracker kisses to us!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Four Generations

Don't these Brokaw men look great?! I'm so grateful to them for passing a godly heritage down to my son.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


As I stood in the Customer Service line at Academy today, browsing the latest get ripped quick gadgets and watching the people rush to the check out with yoga mats and push up bars in their hands and resolve in their eyes, I realized that I have been procrastinating. Not wanting to type a New Years Resolution. Once I type it, I feel like I'm locked in.
I feel like it needs to be a good one. And it needs to be do-able. An impossible goal will just make me feel like a failure.
Should I resolve to do my Bible study every morning as soon as I rise? (not likely with my Benjamin-alarm clock going off at unpredictable times and demanding immediate action from mama when he does sound off.)
Should I resolve to take at least three Les Mills classes per week at the health club? (I've done it before. I could do it again. But that will require me leaving Benjamin in the health club's childcare facility at least twice per week, so that's out.)
So maybe I should resolve to learn to leave Benjamin in childcare facilities for short periods of time (church nursery, MOPS Moppets room, health club KidZone...oh my gosh, my palms are sweating and my milk is beginning to let down just thinking about it!).
I could resolve to clean my house better, you know like not do anything fun until I've cleaned a room each day. (Wow, I think I just burned 600 calories from laughing at that idea.)
I can think of a hundred resolutions, a hundred ways to be leaner, cleaner, smarter, sexier, a better wife, mom, housekeeper, friend, writer, sister, daughter, granddaughter or volunteer. I could journal it to death, chart my own progress, become obsessed. But I just can't seem to decide this year.
2010. I can't believe it's already nine days into this year. It's going to be a big one. I have Benjamin's first birthday coming up fast, my second Mother's Day, our sixth anniversary, a new neice/nephew coming in the summer, weaning at some point, a thousand and one decisions, and you just never know what else. On New Year's Eve I started taking an inventory of 2009 and I couldn't believe how much happened: SIX babies in my family and another seven to my friends. SIX deaths among my aquaintance, thankfully all of them joining the congregation of the Redeemed, one of them at the tender age of two months. FOUR weddings in my family and another three among friends. We saw more people at our church begin the journey of one day at a time, celebrated years with many others. We had some favorite moments: seeing Benjamin for the first time. Seeing Benjamin look up at Jon for the first time when he heard his daddy's voice in the hospital room. Holding Benjamin, nursing him for the first time. Seeing him laugh when he first met his cousin Jackson. Singing What A Wonderful World a gazillion times in ten months. Watching Benjamin with his great grandparents. Holding hands with Jon in church when we finally went back after the baby was born. Watching our sister Christina marry the love of her life and knowing that she has no idea how wonderful marriage is yet, but that she soon will. Holding Beth. Sitting in a room with Trish while we both nursed our babies. The first time Benjamin slept through the whole night and I realized I won't be tired forever. Seeing Jon look at me like I'm still the slender girl he married instead of the fleshier woman who still acts like she's eating for two.
I can't decide what to resolve on for the new year. Right now I just know that it will be full of the kinds of memories 2009 had for me and I want to enjoy them as they come. I want to be fully there in every one of them. I want to remember them so that, years from now, when I trace the map of my face in a mirror I'll know where that smile line came from and which exact sorrow deepened the empathetic brow line. And I'll let you know when (if) ever I decide which resolution will strengthen my overall resolve.