Thursday, October 30, 2008

Always Learning

Usually I try to read around 40 or 50 books a year, you know, to keep the ol' brain active. This year, I think I will not reach that goal as I am often a little too tired and scatterbrianed to finish a book. But, praise the Lord, there are always opportunities to learn anyway!
I have learned this week, for instance, that the inside of the human belly button is smooth, soft, and hairless. I did not learn this very interesting trivia from book, magazine, lecture, or web browsing. I learned it because my own belly button is turning inside out. I have also learned that it requires a great deal of will power to keep from playing with an almost-inside-out belly button. It's like those little worry stones some people carry in their pockets and rub with their hands throughout the day...sometimes you just need to touch the belly button skin!
Now you have all learned something new about the human body that you probably wouldn't have learned from books or even medical school. Don't you feel smarter?

P.S. Kelly, thanks for teaching us about Japanese vending machines on your blog.

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