Friday, October 3, 2008

We made a haul!

In our city there is a huge baby and kids consignment sale twice a year, but to get the really good stuff you have to either be a consigner or the guest of a consigner so you can shop early. This year I decided to beg so I could get a pass to the early sale (you know, I asked friends to ask their friends and I just generally harassed anyone I knew might have an extra one) and I got THREE! So last night, my mom, my mother-in-law and I all went to the sale. We got in line at six o'clock and the doors to the guest sale opened at seven o'clock. If anyone has ever seen the Friends episode where Monica buys the cheap wedding dress, you can picture the frenzy this sale creates because it's like the wedding dress sale, but for baby stuff--after standing in line forever, you finally elbow your way in and run to the section that has what you're looking for. I actually broke a nail. I was already tired by the time we got in, but it was so worth it! We got two pack-n-plays (the kind with the bassinet and changing table attachments), a changing table, a nice wooden high chair, a baby papasan bouncer, a really beautiful framed picture for the nursery, and a snugli front-to-back baby carrier all for about $200!!!!!! I think we would have paid at least that much for the changing table alone if we bought it in a retail store. It is so much fun to have baby things in the house--can't wait to have the baby in them! Will y'all think I'm crazy if I unpack one of the pack-n-plays tonight just to look at it all set up again?


Travis and Erin Bodeker said...

Man, I would have loved to have seen all those pregnant women scampering around. Congrats on your awesome buys!

Amber said...

What a haul! I think you should unload EVERYTHING and set it all up! It sounds like a great shopping trip. Wish I could have helped- I am a HUGE bargain hunter, and great deals make me very happy. Enjoy all your goodies! Love ya!