Sunday, October 5, 2008

One year ago

One year ago today--emptiness, pain, fear of the future, depths of sorrow. I was in bed recovering from surgery. My mom was putting away baby things and pregnancy books so they wouldn't be a constant reminder. My husband didn't know what to do--he just took care of me, made me eat, prayed for me.
But today--joy, fullness, excitement, beauty from ashes. Jon felt the baby kick this morning--what a gift! At twenty weeks we are half way to the completion of the pregnancy and the arrival of our little darling! A new life is an amazing thing and we know that we also have the promise of resurrection and another meeting for the one we lost a year ago. But I believe THIS little one will make it, will bring us great joy in this lifetime, will laugh and cry and experience all of the joys and sorrows of life on earth. And then someday, all together, we will all know the joy, joy, joy of life together where there can be no more sorrow. "The last enemy that shall be defeated is death."

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