Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time Flies

Wow! I have really not had a lot of time to blog lately....including now! I told Trish I'd blog about my experience with the sexist car salesman (and I will) but for now, just the quick update. It's hard to believe little Benjamin will be here in just a few more months!!!! He's been kicking and somersaulting a lot lately and I just love it every time. He's big for his week and strong (we're so proud) and all parts look healthy. I feel much more relaxed now that I can feel him everyday and I think as a result I'll be bugging my doctor and his staff much less often. We did buy a car since mine ended up being a total loss from the accident, and I'm enjoying having a working cd player and air conditioner on the road!!!! I have a lot of energy this trimester and have been able to get a lot done, but I can't stand the smell of most cleaning products, so my house is still pretty bad (there will always be some excuse!). Oh, and we ordered Benjamin's baby bedding on e-bay and it will be here in a few weeks! I hope all is well out there, and I'll update more later!

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