Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Six Months, Six Lessons

These are lessons from the first six months (one for each month), mostly for the me of the future (I hear you forget a lot) but hopefully helpful for others as well.

1. Men cannot hear babies crying in the night. They can feel elbows.
2. New moms need each other like they need extra batteries for the swing and bouncy seat.
3. Take a pain killer before you have sex for the first time postpartum.
4. Get at least one nice new outfit for date night or girls' night out--you will feel better in clothes that fit well and are in season (let's face it, for almost a year you've bought nothing but maternity)
5. Cut yourself some slack. And remember, it gets better.
6. Resist the urge to plan the baby's birthday party--you've got six months to go.


Jon said...

#1 It's painful but true.

Shanna said...

According to my mother, men can also feel a good, hard kick in the night too. :O

Kathryn said...

I read your list out loud to my husband & we laughed a lot! He has been stressing about #1 because he hears NOTHING!
Thanks for the advice you left--that's what I was looking for. The stuff no one bothers to tell you because they think it's odd or something!
I also LOVE your post about "of course"! That is EXACTLY what I was trying to get at.
I noticed from your title that you have had a miscarriage and that is something that my husband and I have journeyed through too!
I am glad Carla linked us up and look forward to reading more about you and your little one!

Kristi said...

Thanks, Kathryn! I told my husband your my "blog kindred spirit!" From reading your past posts, I realized your baby is breech--so was Benjamin!!! Too funny.

Shanna, yes, they can feel kicks but it's hard to kick very hard after you've been sliced open :(

Jon said...

Elbows are sufficient.