Thursday, September 24, 2009

How do ya like me now?

I finished the zucchini bread.
I vacuumed the floor.
I pumped milk.
I shined the sink (haven't missed a night yet!)
I swept the kitchen floor.
I ironed the clothes. I tagged the items for consignment (but Jon and my mom did more of this than I did).
I blogged.
I made Chex mix puppy chow to snack on.
I made more baby food (peeled apples while carrying Benjamin around in the little front-backpack thingy).
I even shaved my legs.

1 comment:

Shanna said...

How do I like you? Let me count the ways. . .

You're amazing! I felt pretty good to have studied for the GRE and showered last night. But your list is definitely more impressive.