Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We had a doctor's appointment today, our last before we start going every two weeks. The doctor said that Benjamin is about 29cm long and should be between seven and eight pounds at birth (probably closer to seven, he said). I have no idea how they do these calculations, but there you have it. He did say that the baby is growing just on schedule (what a good, prompt, and efficient little baby!). Benjamin's hearbeat was 136, which is normal. He gave me the final go-ahead to fly to Nashville for Anniebobba's wedding next week!!! And I received a shot in the hip to protect Benjamin from my negative bloodtype in case he has a positive rh. Our next appointment is Decemer 22nd. I know the next couple of months will just fly by and then our little bundle will be here!
Last week we got the crib put together and the nursery is starting to look more like a real baby's room now! I love to look down the hall and see the crib all set up. I even put Curious George in the middle to show where the baby will go! I did the same thing in the little baby bathtub. Jon makes fun of me, but I'm sure you all think I'm precious.
Last week, we also took breastfeeding class. It was very helpful and enlightening. I was so glad we went! I was a little intimidated at first by the woman I have heard referred to as "the nipple nazi" but she seemed nice to me and gave a lot of great advice. No nazi-like tendencies that I could see. We will take childbirth preparation class starting the first week in January. In other news, we decorated our Christmas tree in all blue to celebrate our baby boy! I ordered a maternity coat off of ebay (I love being pregnant in the 21st century!). We are WAY behind on ordering Christmas presents this year, but it's okay because we are now members of AmazonPrime, which means we get free two-day shipping (a great thing since we're going to be ordering most of our diapers from amazon.com next year!). I still need to watch the "epidural video" and pay my deposit, so I can have relief when I need it. I finally finished my baby registries, and my shower invitation list is almost complete. My house is still a train-wreck. My husband is still the best ever. And we're still praying for lots of other expecting moms! We found out this week that our friend Joy (from high school) is having a boy as well! It struck me that his due date is April 30, the same due date we had for our little April Baby. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Many congrats to Joy and Philip and lots of prayers for their little London Andrew on the way!
Anyway, that's the update! I hope all is well out there in your world!

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Andrea Casey said...

Oh, the rhogam shot...don't you love 'em?! :|
Sounds like you're winding down for D-day! So exciting! :)