Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby Bump

I had a fun weekend--when I started to get ready for a wedding reception Saturday I realized I couldn't zip up any of my dresses! I had been telling people I wasn't really showing yet. I guess I was wrong! Trish took me on an emergency shopping trip and we got some maternity clothes. Once I got into some clothes that actually fit, I realized how uncomfortable I've been by unconsciously "sucking in!" I have heard pregnant women complain about their changing bodies, but I love everything about it! Every symptom makes me feel like the baby really is going to be okay. And I never got to buy maternity clothes last time, so for me it was fun. I prayed and others prayed for God to give me joy and allow me to enjoy my pregnancy. He comes through every time!

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Andrea Casey said...

Baby bumps are wonderful, aren't they?! Knowing that your baby is growing within you brings such reassurance. The best is yet to come as you start to feel your little one move around inside you!

Not sure if you do much sewing, but I've found this tutorial ( on making maternity skirts quite helpful! Maternity clothing ... yes! Much more comfy.