Monday, August 4, 2008

7 in O9!

I am feeling much more confident this week even though I don't have a doctor's appointment again until the 13th! I know a lot of people have prayed for us and I can really feel the hand of God on me. I am so excited about what He is doing! We keep hearing about babies that will be born around the same time as our little one and I think God is doing something really special. So far there are seven babies due within two months of each other in 2009. Four of them are going to be little cousins of our baby and two are friends. God has them all spread out across the country and the world and I really believe every one of them will make it and every one of them will have a heart to know Jesus! We are especially thrilled about the little one our sister Bethany is expecting only three days before our own! I love the Lord who turns mourning into joy! Thanks for the prayers!

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