Thursday, December 13, 2007


I got good news from my doctor yesterday--my body is recovering and if everything stays normal for six months he'll let me try to conceive again in May. Of course I'm thrilled to know that there's nothing wrong with me, but I'm so impatient at times!!! I'll be getting off of birth control again at the time when I was expecting my little one to be here. But I must remember what a good friend recently told me: If you want instant gratification, go get a cheeseburger. A baby is worth the wait. So I'm waiting again in this holding pattern. I know I will be a better mom and a better person because of it. My Bible teacher always says that God doesn't allow His children to be sifted unless there's something that needs to be sifted out. Some character work can only be accomplished through pain, I guess. But, holding pattern or not, at least I'm still flyin'! And in the meantime, if I want it my way I can always go to Burger King!

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