Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Am Safety Driver

When I was pregnant with Benjamin, my friend Kelly gave me a car decal that had been translated from Japanese to English to say: Maternity in the car. I am safety driver. It had a symbol for a pregnant woman with a little heart in her womb area. Jon and I thought it was really funny and we enjoyed having it on the back windshield of our car for the final two months of my pregnancy.

I used to gently scold Jon for getting frustrated with other drivers on the road. I'd say things like, "Calm down. He's not necessarily a moron--everybody makes mistakes when they drive sometimes."

Becoming a mom changes everything. I now have road rage. I will yell at drivers even though I know they cannot hear me. I will pull up next to a driver who has just put my child in danger because of reckless behaviour and just glare at him until he looks at me uncomfortably. I will assign the title of moron, idiot, or igmo (a combination of idiot and moron coined by my uncle Tom several years ago) to a person I have never met.

Okay, obviously I'm going to need to work on this with God's help. But seriously, watch where you are going. Use your mirrors and check your blind spots. TURN OFF YOUR *&$# CELL PHONE. And slow down. Some of us are carrying very precious cargo. That's all I'm saying.


The Chaney's said...

Kristi, I just found your blog... LOVE it! That's all I have. :)

Kathryn said...

hahaha :) I totally agree!

Amber said...

Just be careful how much you yell at those other drivers. Little ears are listening and a little mouth will soon be able to repeat everything!

Kristi said...

Amber, you are so right--that's why I need the Holy Spirit to hrlp me!

hilarina said...

Maybe it will leave a humorous memory for the little ears though :) Reading this post made me SO think of my mom. Her word was "dingbat." To this day, whenever someone does something foolish while driving, and I start to get frustrated, all I have to do is think of "dingbat" and then I can't help but chuckle to myself. It's a funny word! so it keeps things in perspective for me :) Maybe your righteous-mom-"rage" and use of funny words like igmo could provide the same experience for your little guy someday :) That's been my experience anyway. Just wanted to share :)