Saturday, April 11, 2009

Every day is a new day

Wake up feeling rested. Take the baby for a visit at school. Vacuum the house. Do two loads of laundry. Work on the scrapbook. Clear the table of junk mail. Cook dinner and serve it by 6:30pm. Give the baby a bath. Put the baby to bed. Pump extra milk for the freezer. I am super-mom.
Wake up congested. Go through two boxes of tissues. Leave used tissues all over the house. Go through three changes of clothes. Try to remove baby poop from three pair of pants and all of baby's outfits. Baby goes through five changes of clothes. Try to remove baby poop from rocking chair cushion. Leave stain-treated clothes all over house. Get a frozen casserole out of the freezer to cook. I cook it but it gets cold while I'm cleaning up another poop explosion. Change five thousand diapers. Give the baby a bath. Put the baby in the swing while I take my third shower. Hear the baby cry--shower over. Milk lets down and showers my legs as I'm drying off. Nose is running like a faucet. Income tax reciepts are all over table that yesterday was clear. Rewarm dinner. Eat standing at kitchen counter at 9:30pm. Have three piles of laundry stacked randomly in bedroom. Look in the mirror. I am bloated. My hair is inexplicable. Have a kleenex stuck in each nostril. I am Bridget Jones.
Clean up from yesterday. Take care of baby. Blog. Cook from the freezer. Bake four pies (one for Daddy, one for Dakota, two for Easter lunch). Lots of help from mom. I am normal.
"Is a new day with no mistakes in it yet."


Andrea Casey said...

Hilarious! I love it! Oh, the life of a mommy...

Amber said...

So sorry about Friday! I'll stick to being an aunt.

Travis and Erin Bodeker said...

Great Anne of G G quote...especially after a day like Friday. From a non-mom I say you are doing a great job!