Saturday, February 14, 2009

Things People Say

"Are you ready?" This is the number one question I hear lately and I'm just never sure how to answer it. How can anyone every be ready for this? I cannot even imagine how my whole life is about to change. I am so excited and so in love with this baby boy that I can't imagine loving him more. But I know that when I see him, I will love him more than I now think possible. How can I honestly claim to be ready for that? How can I claim to be ready to learn how to be a mom? Is this really what people are asking me? Or are they wondering if the house is ready? That question I can answer. We have pretty near everything we need to welcome the baby home. All of the clothes and bedding are washed and put away. Diaper changing stations are stocked throughout the house. (The vacuum bag explosion has been cleaned up)The carseat is installed and the hospital bag is pretty much packed. The house is not childproof, but I figure we'll have a little more time to accomplish this since, gifted as he is, I'm sure the baby will not come home from the hospital crawling or walking. So, we are not sure if we're ready, but we're pretty sure our home is.

"You deserve it." This is a very strange thing for people to say because I'm pretty sure no one could ever really deserve such a wonderful blessing. I used to think otherwise. I used to think that some people don't deserve their kids and other people do. But now I know that none of us really deserve it. What could I have ever done in my life that could warrant God trusting me with the miracle of a baby? I'm pretty sure it has nothing at all to do with deserving. I think God will use this baby to bring us so much joy and also to teach us more about His character and His love. I think it's a most remarkable, most undeserved gift.

"You're huge!" Hmmm. This is the only time in my life I will allow this comment.

"You're tiny!"'re being nice.

These are the most common comments/questions I hear on a daily basis. I'll spare you the constant stream of advice from total strangers and casual aquaintances. My actual friends and family have given very useful and encouraging advice, usually when I ask them for it. Strangers seem to feel the belly is an invitation for advice and questions. I hear the same is true of carrying around an infant, so no release in sight on that front.


Travis and Erin Bodeker said...

I am keeping all of you in my prayers. This is so exciting! And in response to you last post--I think I, not being pregnant, would probably lose it if a vacuum bag exploded :)

Amber said...

I think when I ask "Are you ready?" I mean "Are you ready to meet your little one face to face?!?" Of course I know the answer, I just love to hear your excitment. I have no doubts you and Jon will be awesome parents whether you feel ready or not. Enjoy your last couple days before the birth! We love you.

Andrea Casey said...

Yeah, those things do get old. I got the whammy of a line the other day from my grandmother. She wrote in her letter, "This is such a bad time to bring children into this world." um....thanks. That one hurt. Good thing God still thinks children are a blessing no matter what's going on in our world and He still holds us in His hands.

2 days, Kristi! You have so much to rejoice about!! :)