Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick Update

Hi everybody! I'm not really being a delinquent blogger--my internet at home is experiencing some difficulties, so I have only brief opportunities at the end of the work day to do personal business on the school computer (shhh!).

We did have an appointment on Tuesday and found out that Benjamin is currently in the breech position, meaning that we need him to turn around SOON!!! If he does not turn on his own in the next week, my doctor will try to turn him by external version on February 3. Obviously, we would prefer for him to turn on his own. If external version is not successful in changing his position, or if he turns back to the breech position before he's born, we may have to have a c-section. This is a big prayer request. I have been giving him pep talks and singing short lines of songs to him ("Turn around, bright eyes...." "One little revolution can turn it all little miracle can pull us through..."). If anyone has any inspirational song suggestions, I'm open to trying them!

Otherwise Benjamin is doing fine and growing strong in there! We have one childbirth class left next week and we're gearing up for labor and delivery in about five weeks! We have had two baby showers and are overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and family--Benjamin is obviously well loved by many people and the nursery is coming together so nicely. We have one more (a school shower on February 4) and then we can finish up what we need to. Tonight we are packing the hospital bag, installing the carseat, hanging pictures in the nursery, and assembling a glider rocker. Our friends Charles and Meg are sweet to come help us accomplish these tasks.

I hope everyone is doing well. If it seems I am ignoring your emails, please don't take it personally. As soon as our computer is in a useable state, I will respond in full to everyone. Hopefully, this will suffice for now. Much love to all!

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