Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby Update

We went to the doctor yesterday and he said everything is looking great. Benjamin is about 3.5lbs and is growing right on schedule. His heartbeat was 150bpm. I'm starting to feel a little uncomfortable, but still feel pretty good overall. The fatigue is real, but nothing compared to the first trimester.

We have two baby showers next week and a diaper shower sometime after that. I am looking forward to finishing up our baby shopping and getting the nursery stocked as Benjamin will be in residence before we know it!

We begin childbirth class tomorrow night. Labor and delivery is a scary unknown to me, and I'm hoping the information will give me some idea of what to expect. Yesterday, my doctor told me he delivers 90% of his patients' babies, but told me who the other doctors are who take call for him just in case he's out of town. It made me feel much more confident to know what to expect in that regard.

Now we have only to make a will, file a living will at the hospital, find a pediatrician, and find insurance for me and baby for after delivery. Yikes! Against this list, my remaining weeks of pregnancy seem short!

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