Saturday, September 6, 2008

Too much drama for baby mama!

So my sister got married on Monday. She decided to tell us today. She also decided to break some news about my cousin and his fiance which he will break to his mom tomorrow. My stomach is cramping up--it's too much stress. I'm counting the hours until I can drop by my doctor's office to hear the baby's heartbeat (I'm thinking, the minute they open Monday morning!). Oh, and just as I started to get used to the policies and procedures at my new school, the superintendent broke the news Friday afternoon that he is replacing my principle. So here we go again--for the third time I will ask permission for the same days off!!! And I will get to know a new boss. Too much at once! Pray for me!


Amber said...

Wow- that was some week you had! Hang in there and don't let all that stress wear on you and baby. We love you!

Travis and Erin Bodeker said...

Whitney got married?

Andrea Casey said...

Wow! We'll be praying!