Monday, September 1, 2008


We have great friends! This weekend Shanna, Trish, Trey, Meg, and Charles fixed up the baby's room for us and it looks amazing! They brought tools and expertise and energy. They gave up a lot of their time. Trish and Trey even drove all the way from Lubbock to do this. They did it in two days. Jon finished touching up yesterday and now all I need is baby furniture!! It is my favorite room in the house. I just keep walking in there for no reason--just to look at it again. I will love rocking my little one in there and reading to him or her. Jon and my friends worked so hard on Labor Day weekend to get this done for me and I think I worked for about an hour total--I didn't even make brownies! I am so appreciative that they do not resent me for my laziness. My dad said it's a good thing I wasn't a pregnant woman in the pioneer days when no one would have let me get by with just lazing around the house when there was work to be done in the garden and chickens to kill and pluck and cook for dinner! So I'm just going to add this to the things I'm thanking God for: Thanks be to God for putting me in the twenty-first century with air conditioning, grocery stores, boneless skinless chicken breasts,, people who understand the fatigue of pregnancy, and the American Medical Association! I am thankful for Lowes, where I can get any color of paint mixed in about three minutes. And I am thankful for Birdseye frozen steamable brussels sprouts which I am now going to fix for myself in the microwave oven that I am also very thankful for!


Travis and Erin Bodeker said...

I love the thankful list...except maybe the brussel sprouts. I'd change those to broccoli.

thegrocergirl said...

I am SO happy for you! It must be comforting to have this concrete step taken. I want to see pictures!

Much love,


Kristi said...

I will post pictures as soon as I can. Despite my delight in the twenty-first century, Jon and I still live in the dark ages of dial up internet! So the connection speed is too slow to upload them at home and I have to find time to do it at work.

Andrea Casey said...

Am so anxious to see pictures!!!