Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yep, There's a baby in there.

Today I had my first ultrasound--there wasn't a lot to see because it's so early in the pregnancy, but the doctor said, "Yep. There's a baby in there. And it looks like there's only one." My hormones have gone up "beautifully"(to use his word) and my blood work all came back good. I am feeling so much more confident today. I will have another ultrasound in a week and should be able to see more at that time. I am praying for the baby's heart to have a strong and early beat (so I can see it) and for the baby to have a heart to know the Lord from an early age. And I'm just so amazed at the work of His hands and so thankful that I get the chance to catch such early glimpses of my baby in the womb.

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Andrea Casey said...

Congratulations, Kristi & Jon!! We're so excited for y'all!