Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prayer need

I just saw this prayer request on facebook and thought I'd pass it on. Please pray for Ashley in Alabama. She lost her home and her pets in the tornadoes and is now in active labor at 22 weeks in the hallway of an overcrowded hospital. This is not somebody that I know so I can't promise any updates, but please pray for her. What trauma.


Kristi said...

I just saw an update that she has been given medication to stop labor and is on strict, flat-back-feet-up-bed-rest. Keep praying for a miracle.

Kristi said...

A new update this morning: She is still hanging in there on her back with her feet up. The baby is measuring at 25 weeks! They are trying to get her to 28 weeks, then move her to a hospital with a NICU. I know God is able to bring this young woman a healthy baby, a testimony of hope and miracles in the midst of such devastation. Please keep praying.