Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Just when you think you're the most embarrassing person alive, I come along on my blog to show you that you're not. I am.

I've been trying to organize today. Which is why the maternity clothes box was out. Which is how Benjamin got some things out of it.

Benjamin has been terrified of people knocking on the door lately. He screams and jumps into my arms.

So, just now, one of Jon's employees came to the door to drop off some money from a customer. Benjamin screamed. I picked him up and opened the door without really paying attention to what Benjamin had in his hand. I talked to Zack, took the cash, and smiled at Benjamin waving to the Zack excitedly. Then I closed the door. And realized what he was waving in Zack's face. A package of maternity panties. Size large. Okay, that's a lie. Extra large.

And I thought, Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?


Shanna said...

Too funny! Thanks--I needed a good laugh!

The Chaney's said...


Amanda said...

Oh my word, thank you for this early Saturday morning laugh! Love it! Your little man is so adorable, by the way.

Leah said...

Oh no! LOL