Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is what I call being "plum tuckered out." (That's some Texas lingo for y'all on Texas Independence Day.)
Notice that he's taking a nap and I'm not even holding him!!! Okay, so it was on the couch instead of in his crib and it only lasted twenty minutes, but still.
Notice, also, that I am getting much better about posting pictures on the blog even though I obviously don't know how to edit pictures (or I would have cropped out the socks that don't match his outfit--they're still cute, though!).


Kathryn said...

SO sweet and I love the pictures. Seriously, you hold your child while he naps? Madelyn naps in my arms (even the looong 3 hour nap) some...er...most days! Ha.

Amber said...

Yea for Ben napping on his own (even if it was only 20 minutes!) Imagine all the things you can get done while he naps if you're not holding him. An extra hour a day can be huge! I'm also very proud of your pictures and I love the socks even if they don't match!

Shanna said...

Come on! Everything matches grey!