Friday, November 6, 2009


The chicken is in the oven, Benjamin is asleep in his own crib (hallelujah!), I am almost finished with what I am sure is a near perfect apple pie, and Rich Mullins is on the media player. Mmmm.

Then the next door dog barks, I mean yips. Have I told you that I hate the next door dog? Have I told you that it is tied to a tree very near to my baby's bedroom window? I start to fantasize about the dog finding a new home, far from me. Or about some way to rig the baby monitor to a megaphone so that I can blast the sound of a crying baby into their home the way they project the sound of an unsatisfied pomeranian into mine. Rich Mullins sings, "...ever widening their mercies in the fury of His love....OH, the love of God....OH, the love of God..."

Ouch, God. Those were my toes! Please widen my mercies. Teach me to love my neighbor. And his dog.

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