Friday, August 28, 2009

Ten Twitterables

If I were on Twitter, here are just ten of the things I would have bored you with over the last month.

1. Benjamin is six months old
2. Benjamin eats peas, carrots, acorn squash, apples with cinnamon, bananas, and rice cereal in addition to his usual diet of mommy's milk
3. Made my own baby food purees
4. Made my own baby wipes
5. Benjamin has two teeth
6. Tried to do what a magazine called "Pilates with your Baby"--ended up flat on my back laughing hysterically while Benjamin sucked ravenously on my chin. Not exactly the tummy toner I was going for.
7. Threw a "blessing shower" for my sister-in-law
8. Wrote a couple of children's book manuscripts (hopefully something will come of that)
9. Submitted an essay to a magazine, which was passed up (that will probably only happen about a thousand more times before one is accepted)
10. Read The Once And Future King and am sure I don't remember half of that book from high school--did we read an abridgement back then?

Aren't you glad I'm not tweeting all the time? I mean, I could be telling you about every diaper change and nursing session.


Shanna said...

I wouldn't have followed you anyway, since I don't twitter, so feel free. But, for the record, I think your life is very interesting. :)

Travis and Erin Bodeker said...

I recently reread Once and Future King as well. Some of it was a little fuzzy to me. I do remember the boiling cat, though!

Kristi said...

Of course, how could anyone forget the boiled cat?! I also remembered what a weakling Gaheris was. But there were long segments of the book that I have absolutely no memory of.

thegrocergirl said...

I really enjoy your blogs -- beyond catching up with a dear friend, I think they are really well-written. Good luck with the children's books!

Kristi said...

Thanks, Kelly! Ditto for your blog!(I still haven't heard the cicadas, though)