Monday, March 10, 2008

What NOT To Say

Last week at Bible study, during our discussion time, a woman said such an insensitive thing to me. It hurt me, but I am willing to recognize that she didn't mean for it to and that I have probably said foolish, hurtful things in ignorance too. This is not meant as a rant on her or to make anyone angry--just a kind warning of what not to say. She said, "God is probably protecting these women from something through miscarriage. You just never know what He is protecting you from." I would really like to know what she thinks we need to be protected from in the love and parenting of a child. This is not the first time someone has suggested that miscarriage was the better option if the child would have had severe problems. They say, "Oh, a chromosome defect--that could be Downs Syndrome. Maybe God just knew better." Please don't say that to me. Would a child be less worthy of my love for having Downs? Or is it that I'm not capable in the grace of God to handle a child with special needs? Please be careful with what you say.

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